1991- 2nd place in Caracas, Vezuela
1992- 1st place in Columbus , Ohio USA
1993- 3rd place in Johannesburg South Africa
1993- Honorable Mention in Johannesburg South Africa
1997- 1st place in Mexico-city Mexico (march)
1997- 2nd place in Madrid Spain
1997- 1st place in São Paulo Brazil (APPP)
1998- 1st place in Richmond, Virginia USA
1999- 1st place (portrait) in Versoix  Switzerland
1999- 1st place (portrait) in Marseille, France
2000- Gold medal in  Louisville Kentucky USA
2000- Horonable  Mention in Cairo Egypt
2000- 1st place (portrait) in Marseille France
2002- 1st place (portrait) in Bern Switzerland (September)
2003- 2nd place in Monte Carlo Monaco (February)
2003- 1st place (portrait) In Cairo Egypt
2005- 1st place (portrait) Lisbon Portugal (june)
2007- 1st  place (portrait Bern Switzerland (September)
2010- 2nd place (Guest of Honnor) in Lyon France (march)
2012- Awarded the “Coup de Coeur Professional” Clotilde Ruegg-Ruffieux
the twentieth Salon National and International  of painters on porcelain
and glass – Beaulieu, Lausanne Switzerland (octobre)