I wanted to honor Santos that welcomed and adopted me. When I first arrived here, I was just two years old

Santos is like this: it is a five-mile beach with a garden in its full extent, a lot of sand and small waves. When Winter comes (if it comes) it is short, because here, the sun is king and admits no sadness and it provokes in people a sense of continuous party. Every day, in every bar, all over the city, someone is celebrating something. On weekends, people from all the neighboring cities, shore and plateau, come to here and join us.

Here, there is no confinement of the elderly, there is no old people, although the city concentrates the older population of the country. In bars, pubs, restaurants, people of all ages mingle.

The phenomenon is reflected in the beach: there are young people, not so young, elderly all playing sports together, walking, running or lolling on a deck chair enjoying the laziness with a little cachaça, lemon and ice [our famous 'caipirinha'].

When the "Santos F.C.", the football team of our town (Pele's team) wins, everybody comment. Well, not everybody, I admit that there are some disaffected traitors, who are cheering for other teams. When the "Santos F. C." loses, everybody comment, especially the disaffected.

As a portuary city, we are proud to host the largest port in Latin America. Most residents live directly or indirectly from the port. The wealth of the country flows from here, embarking and disembarking on ships from around the world.

When it is freezing cold here, about 15° C [59' F] in June, the "santistas" [the people that live here] rapidly put on their new fashion coat, a scarf, gloves and proudly go to the "quermesses de inverno" [sort of winter charity fairs] that serve vegetable broth and chocolate with "churros".

Santos is like this: friendly, playful, humorous and I have had the luck and happiness to get shelter here and here I fell in love.

Why don't you pay us a visit?